Personal Experience working with Ms. Kate Martin and recommendation to select her as your Realtor.

I have worked with Ms. Kate Martin for 3 real estate transactions; 2 sales and 1 purchase.  I HIGHLY recommend her as your realtor, because she provides you a personal and committed work ethic to get the job done for you.    

I selected her as my realtor even before I was introduced to her; what do I mean you ask?  As I teleworked from my condo, I watched through the window a lady going back and forth from her car to the building getting the vacant unit upstairs ready for sale.  She had cleaning people come in, she brought in multiple items to decorate/stage the unit and held open houses.  I was impressed with the hard work she was demonstrating and she had no idea I was watching her.  I went upstairs during an open house to meet her and to discuss my plans to sell my unit.   

Regarding her efforts on helping me find my ideal next home:  Kate is very patient and dedicated in assisting you to find the “right” new home.  We looked for a long time and Kate was very patient with me and supported the idea of me not buying a house unless I was excited about my choice.  She will become your partner during the real estate process. 

Comparing Kate to other realtors:  I recently purchased a home in another state after my NOVA Townhome sale in June 2017.  A growing style in the real estate business is a “Teaming” concept.  I was passed around to 4 different people during my new home purchase and I much preferred the one –on-one partnership I had with Kate Martin.  You will not have to re-explain the “back story” to different people within the same real estate firm to progress during your process.  There are always snags in the real estate process, some will be small and some will be big snags.  Having the same person you can talk with through all of the varying snags will be less stressful and reassuring to you as you get to the final step of sale no matter which side of the table you will be sitting in the end.    

I highly recommend you select Ms. Kate Martin as your realtor for your real estate needs. 


Theresa Fiscella